Hessenslam 2022: The national Poetry Slam championships in Wetzlar and Gießen

Stefan Dörsing and Benedict Hegemann are this year’s hosts of Hessenslam 2022. Their project began with a simple idea: This year, Wetzlar celebrates 250 years of Goethe. So they set out to design a logo with the silhouette of Goethe’s head. Being non-designers, they didn’t have the opportunity to pursue and develop this idea further, so they turned to me. Yeah!

The first thing I noticed was this incredible pink color for their logo, so I decided to keep it for my future work. I wanted to create something that would stand out on both print and digital products and look young and fresh.

In addition to the pink-ish gradient I wanted to create more depth with the colored blobs which can be used as design elements in presentations, images on the website, print products etc. as well. The bright yellow logo with Goethes head replacing the ‘A’ was the perfect solution for us to create a simple but nice logo.

The website reflects the approach with rounded corners and a playful look and feel. This page was built using wordpress to ensure a simple and cost-reduced maintenance for the clients.

Print products will come very soon!

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